I can't promise to take your problems away, but I can promise you won't have to face them alone


Divine Therapy

In these 50-minute online sessions, I will support you in a confidential, loving, space of compassion and understanding, no matter what you’re going through. People often come to me when they are going through something big, like a life crisis, a loss, or a relationship breakup - or feeling deeply unhappy and lost with their life. If you need some wise counsel or someone to talk to outside your family or friendship circle, I am here for you.  

Version 2

TLC Days

What if you could have a day where you got exactly what you most want and need? That's how my TLC days work. Each one is uniquely tailored to what you need right now. That could be someone to take care of you when there's no one else around ... someone to stay with you for a few days as you go through a crisis ... or even a day of transformational therapy to finally heal that issue that's been holding you back so you can turn your pain into purpose.


End of Life Care

These days are deeply healing at a cellular level and are created uniquely to meet your needs. Every part of your being will be nurtured in the comfort of your own home. Together, we’ll look at your quality of life, your relationships with yourself and others, your work and career, your emotional wellbeing, mindset, spirituality, and health and fitness, creating a plan to align each of these areas so you can come back into balance. 

By way of a little background, Sharon (or “the real-life angel” as I refer to her) helped my dear wife Sarah and I manage Sarah’s final weeks to enable Sarah to die at home.

Andrew SJ Broad - Partner at PWC

From the moment I heard your voice, the voice of an angel, I felt supported and understood, you gave me kindness and compassion and I looked forward to hearing from you. Our sessions together helped me recover from the trauma of betrayal.

Jenny Way

Being in Sharon's presence is to already be blessed hugely. She radiates an extraordinary willingness to do and to be whatever it will take to improve the quality of others’ lives.

Catherine Rolt, Author of 'Unravel dis-ease Naturally'

Thank you so, so much for sharing your time, energy, kindness and nurture with me over the last week. Anyone would be blessed and lucky to have your support - and these last days, I’ve been the Lucky One.

Jane Malyon, CEO The English Cream Tea Company

 You are one of God's angels on earth. You have served me and my family with humility, generosity, purposefulness, willingness and love in every possible way. I finally feel well again and couldn't have done it without you. Thank you for all of it. You made a difference to me and everything I am doing in the world. I love you Sophie.

Sophie Sabbage, Author of The Cancer Whisperer & Lifeshocks

Sharon is like a modern-day Mary Poppins!  She came to stay at my home for a week to support Katie, my 16-year-old, who was suffering from depression after the breakdown of my marriage. Katie is a very sensitive girl and needed to be held with a sensitive approach, so I was delighted to see how Sharon treated her with a variety of therapeutic modalities, including reconnecting with nature and having fun. I've seen a big difference in Katie ever since her time with Sharon, and it's such a load off my mind to know that she can contact Sharon for ongoing support if she ever needs her. Plus, having Sharon in my home was such great support for me — She not only was a listening ear for me to share my worries with, she mucked in with all kinds of things that made my life easier, including walking the dogs and cooking. Having her around was such a breath of fresh air.


- Linda Johnson, Financial adviser London -

Sharon is worth her weight in gold — I would have really struggled to get through my surgery without her. When my family found it difficult to commit to supporting me when I had planned key hole heart surgery, Sharon stepped in. She drove me to London for my procedure, stayed with me all day, and took me back home in the evening — she was the last person I saw before I was taken into the room for my procedure, and was waiting for me in my room on my return.

After the surgery, she stayed with me for a few days, reassuring me and caring for me with homemade chicken soup, meditation, and copious cups of tea. Nothing was too much trouble for her, and she did so many little things for me that I was able to rest and recover, knowing she was at the helm.

It was an absolute pleasure getting to know her, and I thank her from the bottom of my now-healed heart for caring for me.

- Judith Kettle, business owner -

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