To share a problem with Sharon is to gain insight into ourselves. She is a selfless soul with a simple mission - to understand and help those searching to know themselves better and thus discover their true purpose. She has no technique other than a natural gift for understanding. She has no agenda other than yours. She has no hidden motivation or aspiration. Her satisfaction comes from bringing you peace by you discovering your own personal truth and wisdom.


– Dr D Dighton, Cardiologist Director of The Cardiac Centre, Loughton Essex –


Divine Therapy

50-minute online sessions.

I work with so many people who look outside of themselves to find their answers and healing. With the right guidance, you can be self-fuelled, self-aware, you will become the truest version of yourself, trusting that whatever you need is within you. 

These sessions work at a deep, cellular level, guiding you to your inner wisdom which knows you intimately, that part of you that makes your eyes shine, your hair grow without you having to think about it. That wise, knowing you.

I will hold you in a sacred space of acceptance, compassion, love and understanding no matter what you’re going through.

People often come to me when they are going through something big, like a life crisis, a loss, or a relationship breakup. Or feeling lost and deeply unhappy with their lives, knowing they need to change. Or you may just need some wise counsel, someone to talk with outside your family and friendship circle.

Every healing journey is different – so each of our sessions will be bespoke, tailored to you and what you need right now. I draw on a number of modalities to ensure you get what your needs meet, including years of person-centred, bereavement and spiritual counselling, wisdom and intuitive therapy, holistic cellular healing, meditation, breathing exercises, journaling, and art therapy.

TLC Days

TLC Days

What if you could have a day where you got exactly what you most want and need?

That's how my TLC days work. Each one is uniquely tailored to what you need right now. That could be someone to take care of you when there's no one else around ... someone to stay with you for a few days as you go through a crisis ... or even a day of transformational therapy to finally heal that issue that's been holding you back so you can turn your pain into purpose.

I'd love to be that gentle, pragmatic presence for you, whatever you're going through. Join me for some TLC, and see what it's like when you finally get what you actually need.

‘I can’t promise to take your problems away, but I can promise you won’t have to face them alone’ 

To find out more please get in touch to see how I can support you.

Version 4

End of Life Care

One of the deepest honours in my life is being a Soul Midwife, holistic therapist for the dying.

From early diagnosis to bedside vigils and helping you plan a beautiful funeral that celebrates your life. I loving ease the passage of your dying through a range of gentle therapies that soothe and ensure that you die in a gentle and dignified way. While also supporting your loved ones in their grief. 

This is not medical care and I am non-denominational in my support. It’s about making sure you have the human element and care needed to support you when your time on this earth ends. 

Our work together can take on many facets, including:

I just want to say how grateful I am that I was blessed enough to have you look after my mum. I know you created such a special bond in such a short amount of time I wish you met her sooner. I am so glad that you are holding her service as it becomes so much more personal and for that I’m grateful. I just want to say thank you Sharon you really helped in the last couple of months it feels like you are part of the family now and I would love it if you stayed in touch. It would mean a lot to me.


– Harrison –