End of Life Care

By way of a little background Sharon (or "the real life angel" as I refer to her) helped my dear wife Sarah and I manage Sarah's final weeks to enable Sarah to die at home.


– Andrew Broad –

End of Life Care

Supports you every step of the way from early diagnosis to bedside vigils, helping you plan a beautiful funeral that celebrates your life. And ceremonial care of the body which supports your loved ones with their grief.

I loveling ease the passage of your dying through a range of gentle therapies that soothe and ensure that you die in a gentle and dignified way. While also supporting your loved ones in their grief. 

This is not medical care and I am non-denominational in my support. It’s about making sure you have the human element and care needed to support you when your time on this earth ends. 

Our work together can take on many facets, including:

Pre-death Care

The process of dying often takes longer than you think. During this time, so many things happen to your body, emotionally and spiritually. It can make a world of difference to have loving practical support by your side. I can do this on an hourly, daily basis, or I can stay overnight, or for a longer period of time if needed.

Transition time – Care of your body

I will take loving tender care of your body once you have transitioned. By the way of a beautiful ceremony, gently cleansing your body, anointing you with sacred oils and dressing your body in beautiful linens and silks or in the clothes of your choice.

Your body will be treated with respect and grace, resting in a peaceful sacred space of candlelight, beautiful flowers and soft music. Creating an environment where your family can feel at ease to sit with your body until they are ready to let you go. (Just like we used to do before we handed control over to the traditional funeral directors). This also makes it easier for your soul to transition and for your loved ones to grieve.

Funeral Planning

I can plan your funeral with you making sure that you create the celebration of your life that you want people to remember you by. As a celebrant, I can also hold your funeral if it isn’t a religious one.

Our dying is just as sacred as our birth.


End of life care supports you in

Creating a death plan and achieving a peaceful death

Providing you with information and the options available to you

Creating a beautiful, loving, space for your vigil

Dissolving your fears and helping you transition to the next part of your journey

Planning a beautiful, creative funeral to celebrate of your life

Creating memory boxes to leave for your loved ones

Dying at home with your loved ones around you

Care of your body once you have passed, so that your loved ones can be with you for as long as they need

A Soul Mi (1)

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the love caring and devotion you gave to our beautiful girl, how you guided her and helped make her journey more acceptable? I really don't have the right words? All I do know is that without you by her side and ours, it would have been so much harder for us all to bear. We love you Sharon and you will always be part of our family now. Sarah knew from the moment she met you that you were the right person for her and she was not wrong.


– Susan Faldo –

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