Divine Therapy

From the moment I heard your voice, the voice of an angel, I felt supported and understood, you gave me kindness and compassion and I looked forward to hearing from you. Our sessions together helped me recover from the trauma of betrayal. You gave me the confidence to move forward and helped me understand why it happened.


– Jenny Way, author & poet –

What is Divine Therapy?

60-minute online sessions.

I work with so many people who look outside of themselves to find their answers and healing. With the right guidance, you can be self-fuelled, self-aware, you will become the truest version of yourself, trusting that whatever you need is within you. 

These sessions work at a deep, cellular level, guiding you to your inner wisdom which knows you intimately, that wise, knowing you.

I will hold you in a sacred space of acceptance, compassion, love and understanding no matter what you’re going through.

People often come to me when they are going through something big, like a life crisis, a relationship breakup or a death. Or you could be feeling lost and deeply unhappy with their life, knowing you need to change. Or you may just need some wise counsel, someone to talk with outside your family and friendship circle.

Every healing journey is different – so each of our sessions will be bespoke, tailored to you and what you need right now. I draw on a number of modalities to ensure you get what your needs meet, including years of person-centred, bereavement and spiritual counselling, wisdom and intuitive therapy, holistic cellular healing, meditation, breathing exercises, journaling, and art therapy.


Divine Therapy is ideal for you if...

You are in a life crisis
You are emotionally overwhelmed
You have been abused and are holding trauma
You are grieving a death or loss of a relationship
You have a heavy heart and need to unburden
You suffer with doubt and low self-esteem
You have had a deeply distressing experience
You may just need a chat to work through something
Your feeling lost and unhappy
You need to connect with your inner wisdom

You are one of God's angels on earth. You have served me and my family with humility, generosity, purposefulness, willingness and love in every possible way. I finally feel well again and couldn't have done it without you. Thank you for all of it. You made a difference to me and everything I am doing in the world.


– Sophie Sabbage, author of The Cancer Wishper and Lifeshocks  –

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