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From the moment I heard your voice, the voice of an angel, I felt supported and understood, you gave me kindness and compassion and I looked forward to hearing from you. Our sessions together helped me recover from the trauma of betrayal. You gave me the confidence to move forward and helped me understand why it happened. You were always there for me if not in person at the end of a phone. Thank you so much I hope we are friends forever, not only because you are a great counselor but also because you are a great and loving person, and also because you have become a lovely precious friend.


-Jenny Way, author and poet -

By way of a little background Sharon (or “the real life angel” as I refer to her) helped my dear wife Sarah and I manage Sarah’s final weeks or so to enable Sarah to die at home. Sarah had been suffering from ovarian cancer and in the latter days Sharon’s assistance, help, friendship, company and dedication was incredible. Thankfully we found Sharon from a friend of a friend and I really dread to think what those final weeks would have been like without her there. So compassionate, so patient, so attentive and so inspiring keeping Sarah’s mood highly positive in those difficult days and nights. Nothing was too much trouble for Sharon and she was just so naturally organised, calm and helpful. I know if Sarah was writing this she would have done a better job as I find it hard to put down in writing just how genuinely amazing this lady is and how grateful we are for her help. I am more than happy to people to contact me to discuss what Sharon is like as it is a very personal thing to have someone essentially life with you for a period of time and help in such a way. Sharon, simply put is now a dear friend of mine and the kids forever.


 - Andrew Broad, PWC Partner -

Being in Sharon's presence is to already be blessed hugely. She radiates an extraordinary willingness to do and to be whatever it will take to improve the quality of others’ lives. Although incredibly qualified she never operates from ego and will put, as I call it, in her every act of humble service the yellow marigolds on. She displays her real and absolute essence by nothing being too much for her, no matter how vast the tasks or however small she remains resolute and joyful. Whoever mistakes the courage, grit and real strength of spirit it takes to walk in real service to this world as anything other than what it truly is makes a “big mistake”. So as famously said in the film with Julia Roberts Pretty Woman it’s a very costly mistake for them. Sharon is so completely willing and able to take radical and absolute responsibility for deeply listening to what service requires. Sharon intuits so cleverly and wisely what other’s needs. Her work with the dying and the living whose lives are precarious is exceptional. There is no other I know of who lives and breathes what the real meaning of faith is. ‘You are a huge blessing to this world Sharon’


- Catherine Rolt, Author & integrated medical Chinese practitioner -

To my dear Sharon Thank you so, so much for sharing your time, energy, kindness and nurture with me over the last week. Anyone would be blessed and lucky to have your support - and these last days, I’ve been the Lucky One. You’ve brought so much help and resourcefulness into our space as well as so much love - I am feeling truly treasured (and healthier to boot)! There aren’t many people on earth who could ‘give' as much as you do. What a Godsend you are. After our time together the nurse called me with my blood test results were fantastic and suggested that I reduce my medication for my diabetes. There are two ways of measuring blood sugar – I was 8.7 or 71 and I’m now 7.3 or 56, she was ringing to congratulate me. This is a new benchmark for me and it’s all down to your regimes of juicing, light exercise and one to one support. Thank you, with much love and gratitude.


- Jane Maylon, The English cream tea company -

To share a problem with Sharon is to gain insight into ourselves. She is a selfless soul with a simple mission - to understand and help those searching to know themselves better and thus discover their true purpose. She has a natural gift for understanding and has no agenda other than yours. She has no hidden motivation or aspiration. Her satisfaction comes from bringing you peace by you discovering your own personal truth and wisdom.


- Dr D Dighton, Cardiologist Director of The Cardiac Centre, Loughton Essex -